• ​​HALF-DAY PRESCHOOL 9am-1pm ages 2-6

       5 days: $400, 4 days: $375, 3 days: $350

  • 3/4-DAY 9am-3:00pm OPTION ONLY FOR 3-5

            5 days: $575/month, 4- $550/month, 3-$475 


 FAIRY & GNOME ROOM (ages 2-3)

              Prices/Week: 5 days: $190, 4 : $170, 2-3: $150


              Prices/week:5 days: $185 or 4: $165, 3: $145


 RAINBOW              GARDEN


 Miss Erin is the lead teacher for the Fairy & Gnome Room and has been with us for 8 years. Miss Erin has over 20 years in child care. She is a certified Montessori Teacher Assistant and has a AA Degree in Early Childhood Education. Miss Erin is the mother of three children, two are in college and one is a Junior in high school.   


Miss Lindsay is the Directress of preschool, lead teacher in the Rainbow Room and the Assistant Director of Cape Fear Child Development Center.  She has been with us for 11 years and has 17 years’ experience in child care. She has a BS in Communication from ASU, an Elementary Education Teacher Certificate from UNCW and a Montessori Teacher's Diploma for ages 0-6.


Preschool, After-School & Camps

Miss Amber is the lead teacher in the Earth & Sky Room. She just moved here with her family from Florida. Miss Amber is the wife to a US Marine and has three beautiful children-a son, 18 years old, and twin daughters that are 15 and attending Topsail High School.  Miss Amber has been a preschool teacher for 13 years and loves working with children! Miss Amber has her BS in Psychology and Early Childhood certifications from California, Hawaii and Florida.



​​​​Curriculum & Philosophy
Rainbow Garden Preschool implements multiple educational philosophies into the daily and annual curriculum. Our teachers are educated in traditional, Montessori and Waldorf education systems.

What does this mean for your child?

Nurturing the whole child through life experience, nature, science, arts and play. Through our daily routine and work cycles your child will become prepared for Kindergarten and beyond.

     There are many ways Montessori and Waldorf are different. These are a few of the ways they are similar.

Montessori and Waldorf are the fastest growing educational systems in the world today. Both are based on many years of experience, with all kinds of children, the world over. Both have great respect for the child as an individual, spiritual, creative being. Both stress the importance of the natural environment, absence of plastic, keeping in touch with nature and natural materials. Both systems base their education on the needs of the child, believing that this will lead to meeting the needs of society as a whole. Both schools provide a rich variety of art, music, dance, and theater at all ages.